About Moyasar

Accept ePayment in GCC

Moyasar (مُيسّر) is an arabic word that refers to both simplicity and usability. In essence, it means anything that is easy to do, use, or grasp.

Our mission at Moyasar is to provide ePayment solutions with superior user experience. If you are a government agency, a company, or simply any institution that needs to accept ePayment, Moyasar is here to provide you with effective ePayment solutions.

Utilizing user-centered approach, our ePayment solutions are designed to:

  • offer rich and flexible features.
  • become usable and intuitive.
  • provide in detail reporting to allow instant and deep understanding of how your business runs facilitate seamless integration with a large number of back-office systems (e.g., ERPs).
  • ensure high level of security and privacy protection.

Moyasar provides ePayment solutions that greatly match the current needs of your online store, yet our solutions are flexible enough to suite your needs as your online store grows.

Contacts us today to assist you growing your business and reaching a larger number of potential customers. Our sales engineers are available 24/7 to help.