Woocommerce Configuration

Configuring Woocommerce to accept Apple Pay

Environment Setup

Follow this guide to prepare your environment for Apple Pay. Make sure you completed all steps and verified your domain.

Woocommerce Setup

  1. As your domain is verified, make sure the domain association endpoint of your website https://<domain-name>/.well-known/apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association.txt is always returning a txt file.
  2. Create PEM files for your Merchant Identifier certificate and private key, then rename the certificate to ApplePay.crt.pem and private key to ApplePay.key.pem.
  3. Decompress the plugin .zip file, you will find an empty directory in the root of the directory named applepay-certificates, move the previously created Merchant Identifier certificate and private key inside that directory. Note that you should create the directory if you cannot find it.
  4. In Wordpress Plugins settings, go to Apple Pay Settings, fill the information of your Apple Pay Merchant Identifier —the ID that starts with merchant.—, Certificate Passphrase and complete all other settings, then click save.
  5. As mentioned in the preparation, ask Moyasar Team to provide you your certificateSigningRequest file, use it to create Payment Processing certificate, then provide is this certificate to be uploaded.
  6. Apple Pay button should Appear only in a supporting Safari Browser, test and try the payment using your Test Keys and Live Keys.

Last Modified : May 2021