Apple Pay setup guide

Before making a successful apple pay request to Moyasar, you need to meet all requirements in this guide.

1. Request service activation

Merchant has to request Moyasar team for Apple Pay, then Moyasar team will raise Apple Pay activation request to the merchant’s bank.

You may start other requirements below until bank activates the service.

2. Set up your server

Merchant server must be compliant to Apple in order to make Apple Pay up and running, and that is by following the requirements below:

  1. Domain and all subdomains must have valid SSL/TLS certificate installed— Apple Pay does not work in a web page unless the page is served through HTTPS.
  2. Web server must support TLS 1.2 protocol and one of the following Cipher Suites:
    6. TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256
    7. TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA256
  3. Web server must whitelist Apple IP addresses and domains found in this list to use them for merchant validation step.

3. Set up your Apple Developer Account

Merchant must have an Apple developer account to do the following:

  • Create Merchant Identifier using your domain name.
  • Register Merchant Domain. During registration, you will get a file named apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association.txt, upload it to your server in the exact location Apple specified, usually in .well-known directory on the root of your website. Then click verify button to complete the registration of your domain. Do not leave this step until you have a verified flag next to your domain.
  • Create Merchant Identifier Certificate to be used for merchant validation step during the initiation of Apple Pay Session.
  • Create Payment Processing Certificate. The CSR file used to create this certificate must be created using ECC algorithm with key size of 256 bits. But to reduce all the cryptographic burden, Moyasar provides you this file and you only have to upload it to Apple Developer site, download the generated certificate apple_pay.cer, then send the certificate back to Moyasar at:

Now as you prepared your environment for Apple Pay, you are ready to integrate your website by following this guide

Last Modified : May 2021