Accept e-Payments in your WooCommerce store using Moyasar’s plugin.

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Get the plugin

To get the plugin, please contact us via the support email support@moyasar.com or through live chat that at the bottom right corner and provide us with the below information:

  • Your platform.
  • The version number of the platform you use.


  1. Download the Payment Plugin archive, unpack it and upload moyasar-woocommerce-plugin contents to WordPress plugins folder.
  2. Login inside the Admin Panel and go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins
  3. Find Moyasar Payment Gateway in the plugins list.
  4. Enable it by clicking on Activate .


  • Go to Credit Card settings.
  • Set Enable to Yes, put your publishable_key and secret_key, and complete other settings then Save Changes.
  • To configure and enable Apple Pay, refer to this page.

Last Modified : Jul 2020