Accept e-Payments in your WooCommerce store using Moyasar’s plugin.

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Plugin Download

To get the plugin, please contact our support email support@moyasar.com or through live chat at the bottom right corner and provide us with the below information:

  • Your platform.
  • The version number of the platform you use.


  1. Download the plugin archive in the previous step.
  2. Login inside the Admin Panel and go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins.
  3. Click on the Add New button.
  4. Then click on Upload Plugin.
  5. Click on Browse and select the archive file, then hit Install Now then follow the install process.
  6. Go back to the Installed Plugins page then enable Moyasar Payment Gateway by clicking on Activate .


You can configure the plugin by going to Installed Plugin and then clicking Gateway Settings, or by going through WooCommerce settings and selecting Moyasar Payments from the payments tab.

Here is how to configure the plugin:

  1. In General tab make sure you have enabled the plugin.
  2. You set the plugin to use Test mode which allows you to simulate payments in our Sandbox environment.
  3. Click on Save changes.
  4. Click on API Keys and add your API keys found in Moyasar Dashboard then click Save changes.
  5. You can activate more payment methods from Payment Methods tab, just make sure to activate them on your account before doing so.

Apple Pay Configuration

To configure Apple Pay, you will need to generate a merchant validation certificate from your Apple Developer account.

Since WordPress is written in PHP, you have to provide the certificate in PEM format, here is a small command that allows you to convert your certificates:

openssl x509 -inform der -in merchant_id.cer -out merchant_id.pem
openssl pkcs12 -nocerts -nodes -in merchant_id.p12 -out merchant_id.key

Open the merchant_id.pem file with a text editor and copy it’s content to the Certificate field found in Apple Pay Settings tab, same goes for merchant_id.key but in the Private Key field.

Make sure to fill the same Merchant Identifier you have created in your Apple Developer Account then hit on Save changes.

Last Modified : Jul 2021