Use Moyasar’s plugin to accept e-Payments in your PrestaShop store.

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Get the plugin

To get the plugin, please contact us via the support email or through live chat that at the bottom right corner and provide us with the below information:

  • Your platform.
  • The version number of the platform you use.


  1. Download the Payment Module archive.
  2. Login to your PrestaShop administration then go to Modules and Services.
  3. Click on Add new module.

    add new module button

  4. Choose the module .zip file then click Upload this module.


  5. From the list of modules find Moyasar then click install.

    Install module


  1. From the list of installed modules go to Payments and Gateways.
  2. Find Moyasar then click Configure.
  3. Put your API keys and enable the methods you want then save.

Last Modified : May 2021