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This guide describes how to start accepting payments from your iOS\Android apps by delivering the user a web page inside your application, by implementing the secure integration method with Moyasar using WebView and Moyasar Payment Form.

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Before Starting

Before you start integrating with Moyasar API, make sure you complete these steps:

  1. Sign up for a Moyasar test account at
  2. Get your API Key. To authenticate your API request.

For more, refer to Get started with Moyasar.

Integration via WebView

A WebView is a view that displays web pages directly in the app, and you can design your own payment page and send directly to Moyasar to process payments.

First, to handle the redirection after a transaction, you will have to create a deep-link URL for your application. Then you may use it directly with callback_url, or create a custom web page that will accept redirection from Moyasar and open your app using this deep link.

Step 2: Build Moyasar Payment Form

Second, you have to use the Moyasar Payment Form as described here.

Step 3: Add the WebView

Finally, add the WebView component to the application and load the HTML form into it.

Last Modified : Jul 2020