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Team Feature Overview

Moyasar dashboard provides full support for creating a team account with members of different roles to facilitate teamwork.

You can easily view and manage a list of members and their roles from dashboard account settings.

Team roles

There are three types of roles you can assign to members, each with different and permissions:

  • Administrator: Has full control over the account, including account settings he can view API keys, change account info, invite new members, etc. He can view and edit all payments information (e.g. refund a payment).
  • Read & Write: Has access to view and edit all payments information, and no access to change account settings or view API keys.
  • Read Only: Has access to view all payments information, and does not have access to account settings.

Add a member

To invite more members to the team:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Login tab.
  3. After signing in, click on Settings tab in the sidebar navigation.


  4. Go to Team tab and then press Invite.

    Invite Team Member

  5. Write member email in the Email box and specify the role then press Invite.

    Write Member email and specify role

Change the role of a team member

  1. From the Team tab, click the Edit button next to the member email.
  2. Specify his new role the press Update.

Edit member's role

Remove a member

From the Team tab, click the Remove button next to the member email then confirm.

Edit member's role

Last Modified : Aug 2021