In the dashboard, we offer the capability to search and sort payments and invoices records according to different criteria.

You may search for a specific payment\invoice by its id, or list the paid invoices during a specified month, etc.

On this page

To apply the search functionality, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Login tab.
  3. After signing in, click on the Payments or Invoices tab in the sidebar navigation.


  4. Specify your search filters then click on search button.


    Here is the available search filters you may apply:

    Filter Name Description Payments Invoices
    Status Filter Filter with their status.
    From Filter Filter all with created after this date.
    To Filter Filter all with created before this date.
    ID Filter Search for payment ID  
    Source Filter To filter with the type of payment method (applepay - creditcard - mada - stcpay).  
    Metadata Filter To filter with the Metadata of payment method ( key -value)Ex(phone - 050000000)  
    Last 4 card numbers Filter with their Last 4 card numbers.  
    Reference Number Filter with their reference Number.  
    Batch Number Filter with Batch Number  
    Authorize ID Filter with 3DSecure Authorize ID  

    HINT: For filtering data of a specific period of time, use the filters from and to together.


When payments\invoices aren’t in the order you want, you can sort them in a variety of ways. Follow the same first three steps above then click on arrows at the top of the column to be sorted.

Sort by created date

For example, you can sort them from oldest on top to newest on top.


Sort by status

Sort the list by the status in descending or ascending order, which rearrange records by grouping the payments\invoices with the same status together.


Last Modified : Aug 2021