Moyasar Dashboard

Moyasar Dashboard enables you to get detailed reports of payments made on your store. The dashboard offers you different features, such as creating electronic invoices and provide full support, creating multiple accounts for different tasks within a single team to facilitate teamwork, and many other features.

Moyasar dashboard features:

An elegant user interface is available in Arabic / English
  • arabic dashboard ui Arabic Interface
  • english dashboard ui English Interface
Real time Report and clear Analytics.

The Dashboard home page provides instant information about activity in your account and several statistics of analytics and real-time charts to give you a bird’s-eye view of your business status and to facilitate a deep and thorough understanding of your business standing.

Export Data easily.

All of your account’s payments and invoices data can be filtered and exported as reports in CSV format.

Create, view, and manage E-invoice.

Moyasar dashboard gives you the ability to manage and use invoices.

Manage account users.

Dashboard with the team feature allows you to invite multiple users to access and manage your Moyasar account using different privileges that restrict what information they can see or what actions they can take.

Full or partial refunds.

All or part of the payment can be returned to the shopper via the dashboard.

Full support through live online chat.

Whenever you have a question or need support, talk with us through the live chat that at the bottom right corner of the page.

Security & Compliance & Efficiency.

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