Welcome to Moyasar documentation!

Here you’ll find handy documentation about our API and products.

Getting Started

To get start with Moyasar you will have to follow these steps :

1. Create an Account

If you don’t have an account yet, this is the place to begin. Visit the dashboard sign up page, where you will have to register using an email address and password.

We offer a free account for you to try our service in test mood.

2. Prepare Your API Keys

After sign in to the dashboard, get your API keys to authenticate your API request.

The required key for payment creation is the publishable key, while for invoice creation is the secret key.

3. Start Integration

Direct Payments

Accept online payments directly and securely on your website and mobile app via different payment methods: Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Sadad OLP, Mada, or STC Pay.

  • Website Integration
  • Mobile Apps Integration

Integrate Moyasar API into your iOS/android app in a simple way.


Create an e-invoices through Moyasar’s dashboard or Moyasar’s API and share it with customers.

4. Verify your integration

Now, you will need to check your integration is working correctly by making a test API request using the test card numbers.

Getting Help

Contact support

Feel free to contact us at the support email: support@moyasar.com

API docs

In the API docs you will find all the available endpoints, as well as data types used in requests and responses.